Your 2010 BBB Playoff Team

In what we’re sure is to become a yearly tradition at Bring Back Byakin, we’re choosing an NHL team to follow in the Playoffs:

The Contenders:

1) Phoenix Coyotes

  • Pros: We feel sorry for them
  • Cons: Too many ugly ex-Falmes, they pronounce their team nickname incorrectly

2) Ottawa Senators

  • Pros: The second-most likeable Canadian team
  • Cons: Eastern conference, plus it’s a guarantee they’ll lose in the first round

3) Colorado Avalanche

  • Pros: Took the 8th spot away from the sad sack Falmes
  • Cons: The Patrick Roy smell still lingers

And the winner is…

None of the above!

Your 2010 BBB Playoff team is the Nashville Predators.

  • Pros: Denis Grebeshkov!
  • Cons: They don’t also have Marc-Andre Bergeron (he’s in purgatory Montreal)

Welcome to SMASHVILLE.


2 Responses to Your 2010 BBB Playoff Team

  1. Buddy Oakes says:

    Thanks for the support for the Preds and for checking out Hopefully Grebby will be back in time to make an impact in the first round.

  2. […] BBB selected the Nashville Predators to be their official playoff team: […]

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